Day 27: Planning

The merchants are beginning to get a clearer picture of the situation. THIS CLOSURE MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL. Some MERCHANTS have it together and are sharp regarding a focus on a single purpose. Planning a strategy NOW is pertinent.

We’ll see what the MTA offers next Monday regarding a “marketing plan”. We don’t want some hack marketing plans pulling some ideas out of a hat based on an outdated, antiquated 1940s-1980s marketing education. We want a budget like $40,000 to place ads in the NY Post, Daily News and NYTimes that will bring people to support the merchants here.

We can create a campaign making the MTA come out shining in this situation rather than

  1. CLUELESS as to the effect this closure has had on people’s lives and livelihoods. (This isn’t 4th Avenue in Brooklyn. This is the heart of Astoria).
  2. MAKING it so uncomfortable for merchants and residents to live here that they move to LIC instead. LIC has thousands of apartments opening next month.

Perhaps we should look deeper into Govenor Cuomo’s campaign donors to see if we can find more bits and pieces like this:

1. Scott Rechler ($300,000)

After giving the governor more than $128,000 in his first four years in office, RXR Realty’s Rechler and members of his family gave Cuomo $160,000 in the first two years of his second term. The developer then contributed another $10,000 at the beginning of this year. And on May 19, a limited liability company he heads and another based out of the same address wrote $65,000 checks.

A month later, Cuomo appointed Rechler to the MTA’s board.

Other notable bits from the same article:

10 (tied). Alexander Rovt ($130,000)

Rovt, who made his fortune manufacturing fertilizer in former Soviet countries, is currently a major investor in New York real estate.

13. Dan Tishman ($124,826)

Construction company executive Tishman serves on a commission tasked with developing plans to modernize New York City’s airports, a post to which Cuomo appointed him.



If #2, then…


Fewer merchants are calling me a conspiracy theorist.

There’s a damn good reason the MTA doesn’t want a shuttle bus for Astoria. People are already considering moving to LIC for some peace and ease regarding their lives. They give more parking tickets here than the rest of NYC and have copious amounts of blocked streets under construction. RESIDENTS ARE READY TO MOVE.

Let’s get the MTA to stop playing real estate games with residents and merchants. Let’s face it. LIC sucks. It is a vertically situated, gated community very much like a prison camp.


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