Day 25: Creating 👎

The MTA is successfully assisting the real estate developers. Please read the comments and sentiments by Astoria residents below taken from We Heart Astoria’s Instagram page.

Some merchants are calling me a conspiracy theorist. I personally don’t mind their doubts. As a innovator and visionary of sorts, I can envision things that most people can’t months and years ahead. My opponents are usually planning only 2-3 steps ahead at most. The smart ones plan 5 steps ahead. I usually plan 10-15 steps ahead… taking into account every possible variable and create algorithms. I strategize for lawyers, and media planners professionally so, this is just another day at the cafe for me, drinking coffee.

It doesn’t help to say: “I told you so” in hindsight. No one likes an ass that makes an ass out or people by saying so. Keep the pie hole buttonholed, I do. Some people need to read the writing on the wall or have noticed stapled to their forehead before they believe anything. This makes strategic planning for my team and I easier and much less work while fetching top dollar. Opponents that are as smart as my partners or smarter are dangerous. They are also more work and time-consuming.

For me, the MTA agenda is clear as day:


Let’s say the MTA is making it so unattractive to live in Astoria for straphangers that they have people move to Long Island City instead—shiny new apartments, closer to the city, less MTA headaches too.   Astorians have copious amounts of construction going on here and one merchant told me that his brother read and article saying: “More meter maids are positioned in Astoria than the entire city of NY.” So, between the construction, the meter maids going from one end of an avenue to the other end all day long and the MTA nightmare, is this an attractive place to live?

Today I met with 5 top real estate people  at the Moxy for 6 hours. We discussed plans for filling their Manhattan properties. I am the creative strategist.  They are also hiring myself and firm for publicity in Manhattan, particularly their Broadway and Fifth Avenue properties. We are going to get their spaces filled.

Here’s the ASTORIA deal:

Next month thousands of rental units will begin opening up in Long Island City. This is NO coincidence. These MTA closings are how BIG TIME developers, city planners and change behavior and modify opinion and feelings regarding Astoria. HERE IS THE WORD from real residents:



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