Day 23: Motive

It’s not hard to figure out how much the MTA makes per day. They have the Metro-North and LIRR so let’s keep it simple and just stick with the NYC subway system. They reportedly have 6,000,000 riders each day in NYC on the subways. The fare is $2.75 one way.

They come and go. What I mean by “come and go” is that each rider takes a trip “coming” and a trip “going.” So, following this logic isn’t safe to say that we can multiply 6,000,000 X 2.75. That totals 16,500,000.


This whole quest began with asking the MTA a single question?

Why don’t you run a SHUTTLE BUS?

Their asnswer was haphazard. I’ll paraphrase their excuses:

1. because it would cost more money.

2. because the traffic under the El won’t permit enough room.



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