Day 22: Art

I sketched a close up of a young woman’s face with an eye patch for Frank. It was to be used to generate an awareness of merchants that are struggling for survival on 36th and 30th Avenue. It could be used for a poster or sticker. I would usually charge a client 1,200-1,500 US dollars for the idea and execution of such a thing. This Astoria Blind Eye campaign isn’t about money for myself and my company. This is something I believe in helping merchant through a very rough spot of time.

At the bottom of the sketch I wrote: SHUTTLE ME. A week or so later, he asked me to produce it.

I spent a couple of hours coming up with a better idea.

Astoria Blind Eye (1)

When designing or advertising anything, I set out to design something that goes through a mental list of 86 Tenets to assure it is compelling, award winning and had never existed before on the planet. People call this creativity so I interpret creativity as something that hasn’t ever existed before and that has an intention and point of view.

First and foremost, a design or ad must communicate. The idea stop people in their tracks despite the massive media clutter in the current environmental ecology. I propose to have them think 🤔 for a few seconds.

This poster done by an Artist at the gallery on 30th Avenue is excellent. This plaster has a very clear with point of view.

Excellent Artwork with a point of view.

His position is to say that the super rich are laughing at the merchants on 30th Avenue.

I personally think there is far more power in enrolling all of Astoria instead of just 30th Avenue. My self-inflicted job and task here is to assure that 30th Avenue recurve most of the benefit since they are the first to struggle with the full closure.

My idea is to have the design enter the eye and explode in the mind. Frank wanted the poster modified to fully cover the eye as I did in the original sketch at his salon.

Astoria Blind Eye (1)

Here’s what I proposed instead:


There’s a grander schematic for 30th Avenue as planned with Nikos of BinkNyc which, if we all play our cards right, will come to fruition.

We’ll likely do stickers first.


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