Day 21: Two Arms

Most of us are born with two arms. Those two arms with opposable thumbs doesn’t make us human. Apes, chimpanzees, bonobos and orangatanges all have two arms and they also have opposable thumbs. Opposable thumbs isn’t what has brought human to the top of the food chain.

The Two Arms (title of this entry) will be a  promotional arm and a political arm.


A type of promotional arm: Humans cook food which is the one thing that humans do that NO OTHER animal species does. This allows us (humans) to breakdown complex sugars which is perfect food for the brain and brain power. Our brains evolved and both love and thrive on complex sugars. This is why we are on top of the food chain. It’s NOT opposable thumbs.

I actually had an argument with my mentor at a bar in Cape Cod last winter over this. She was my mentor for 10 years and the one who made (“artist”) Williamsburg possible (Kline Realty) and was the first FEMALE industrial REAL ESTATE broker in NYC ever (Kaplan-Belo). She was also one of the finest minds I ever did meet anywhere on planet earth. She read three – four books per week since her retirement and escape from Williamsburg in 2007, buying her property for 57,000 and sold it for $947,000 fifteen years later.

She held fast to her “opposable thumbs” theory (she, of the baby boomer and greatest generation) and I, quite drunk and impolitely, adamantly disagreed. It was a classic power struggle between great minds but, I am methodical, logical, mathematic and science-based so, unless you have, at least, some considerable empirable data, you are just WRONG. 😜

The power struggle was more than either of our egos could politely swallow. Granted, she has read 1000s of books more than I have but she was stuck on the opposable thumb theory. Sorry, itMs outdated. And who was I to completely disregard all her reading and education? 

Additionally, I predicted, quite early on (2015) that the Trump Brand would win, while she thought I lost my mind and good sense. I do pay attention to a brand and branding knowing the power it has over our American populace. She disagreed.

I’m pretty sure, today, the mere mention of my name and reminder that Donald Trump is president could make her blood boil in a hot minute.

Who is Peter Drucker?

The fact is your typical politician can’t hold a candle to the American businessman who understands American branding. Trump is a case in point. I believe politics here have changed forever. It will be forever embedded in fantasy rather than reality. This Trump guy understands this just as anyone who truly understands branding would understand branding. 😁

The purpose of business.

The AstoriaBlindEye is gaining momentum at a slow and steady pace. This slow and steady pace always finishes finishes the race. The objective it to get a Shuttle Bus. We want the train open but we’ll settle for a shuttle bus.

Branding is the middle finger and thumb of the promotional arm of AstoriaBlindEye. This Astoria Blind Eye is NOT for the sake of the business owners exclusively but for opening up a healthier dialogue for customers they serve.

It is worth putting in this quote again.

The purpose of business.

The political arm will be left to Frank and Roseann to manage. After today’s meeting they both fully understand that the only way anything will get done with the MTA is on the state level. This means getting the Senators and Governors to act.

Sunny Fall Morning in Astoria


We: Frank, Roseann and myself had the first 30th at 2pm meeting this afternoon. 30@2 means every Thursday we will meet to discuss updates and progress.

The meeting was both small and great. All the politician’s men and women were there, the borough president’s office, 2 community board members (CB#1), council member’s “chief of staff” and Avarella Simotas made an emergency personal appearance before she and Senator Michael Gianaris will spend a month in Albany. Senator Gianaris’s  assistant showed up. That was nice.

They weren’t invited, per se, but they came to showed support. Really??? No, not really. They’re worried about election and people acting independently. When business owners get together and begin a schematic, politicians are drawn to us like flies.

I said to Frank: “These politicians have no jurisdiction over the MTA. The Senator has some say over their budget. The governor (Cuomo) has more say than all of them combined. They are here because of self-interest. These politicians are on the dole. They are paid civil servants. They are paid by the city and state to reflect the values and attitudes of whom ever elected them into office. The real, true animals and hunters are the business owners. They are the “do or die” types. The politicians are only here to eavesdrop our meetings because it scares the shit out of them due to the fact that merchants united can move mountains.

Politicians can only pass legislation. Legislation is important. That legislation is determined by business interests. This is the lay of the land. Eventually, we will win. It’s only a matter of time.

We will win.

culture eat strategy

It is well documented in China that families, and for generations, historically, have LITERALLY moved mountains using only shovels and wheelbarrows TO RELOCATE earth from one area to another. It can and will be done here. I advise this: “If not in this week, then the next.

The best way.


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