Day 20: Posters

I’m almost impossible to work with. After 25 years of doing design, I’ve become a complete dick. I know this. Perhaps you might appreciate the honesty. 😁

I spend considerable amount of daily brain power strategizing a master plan of building a culture and/or a brand into a business. I’m not throwing out some lame ass marketing ideas that are knee jerk tactics. Sometimes it is an effort only to match having it completely ursurped by someone’s exuberance because they read a new Marketing book, magazine or social media article “a little bit of knowledge is dangerous.”

That, or I may usually work with some board of directors or council that resorts to a “sad and sorry approach.” They are insecure that “no one will like it” or that “it takes too much brain power” to understand. I‘ll say: “Joke then if they can’t take a f*ck.” I’d like to call them pussies but that is sexist not very nice, so I won’t say that. I want to be nice. I really want to be nice. 😁👍🏼

Not that that is the case here but as I get older, I’m a grouchy motherf*cker and can explode with some of the idiotic suggestions I hear. Please bear with me. I haven’t had a therapist for a few years now. I’m a raging madman drunk on cultural strategies of epic, deeply logical when it comes to building brands or cultures.

I wonder how long it will take for the merchants get the full scope of the picture being played on them. I’ll meet with the MTA lobby effort in Williamsburg this weekend for more info. I’ll add comments to this blog.

Delight of Delight

Ken Varga (Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, standing board member of North Brooklyn Chamber) has put me in direct contact with an old Williamsburg alliance of mine, the amazing Felice Kirby (CB 1, NAG and previous owner of Teddy’s (N8th and Berry)) who has put me in touch with: Luke Ohlson, North Brooklyn Organizer, Transportation Alternatives and Juan Restrepo, Queens Organizer, Transportation Alternatives so we may have some answers how WILLIAMSBURG has been able to kick the MTA closure plan down the road for 2 years avoiding a real estate and merchant disaster.

Here’s the poster I’ve proposed:

Breuk Iversen, BinkNyc, AntiMarketing
Message to the MTA. This perspective is the only thing that makes perfect sense.


Here’s what they wanted:

Astoria Blind Eye (30th Avenue)


Yes. This poster speaks to the pain of the 30th Avenue merchants perfectly and announced what they care about…. themselves. Themselves and their own self (business) interests. We know this.

What about the residents and their interests? What about 36th Avenue, Broadway, Ditmars Blvd? Won’t they have needs too?

If not now, when?

I lost this poster battle but, I don’t mind losing the battle as long as all Astoria wins the war.

The MTA is the clear antagonist and NO, you’ll NOT be able to win this war with your aides, the DOT and Con Edison using Astoria as pawns for your LONG Island City bid to fill that empty soulless community with the ASTORIAN resident. The residents here are vibrants who truly love Astoria and the disbanded community of merchants we have here. We are real people with real values and that doesn’t NOT SEDUCE US to LIC. We have a dream here and that dream doesn’t include moving into your glass jail cells. It just doesn’t. 💪🏼😁👍🏼


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