Day 19: Community

What a disaster at Queens Plaza today. One wonders how they tracked signals before computers entered the scene in the late 1950s.

These old trainyard workers somehow managed to keep trains running by changing the tracks, by hand, back in the 1800s. Here we are over 200 years later and when signal problems happen, there is nothing that can done in 2018. This is  amazing to me.

Miraculously, the MTA shuffles 6,000,000 commuters, tourist and visitors in this city each day. I can only suppose and hope this will come to resolution some day.




Frank, President of the 30th Avenue Business Association, Roseann, proprietor of Katch Brewery, and myself are going to the Community Board meeting this evening. While both got up to speak their 2 minutes (allotted time allowed for public speaking) worth of questions and concerns, the most startling speaker was a young mother who came out prepared to organize protests directed at the MTA, DOT, Con Edison for effecting a residents quality of life. These speeches will be added to the February minutes for the record.

There’s not much the community board can do. They can voice their concerns and raise their voice to the departments but their power to veto projects is nil and void.

For me there are three main concerns on the political sack of Astoria:

• Meter Maids ticketing Astorian residents in record numbers [1].

• Con Edison (or enter contractor’s name here) are digging up streets for water main replacements.

• 20,000 units opening up in LIC in 2018.[3] Who is going to move there? Where are they going to get all those people from?  LIC is a propped up area with No History and No Culture. The only building that had a tremendous history of legendary status was 5 Pointz (graffiti art) but that was unceremously demo’d to rubble and to give rise yet another soulless glass bedroom.

I hear the artists were awarded $57,000,000 in damages. So, maybe, just maybe, there is justice. [4]





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