Day 17: Outreach

The MTA has a term they use when they want to block and area or redirect foot traffic. They call it “STONEWALLING.” I didn’t invent the term. It was told to me by a local landlord who worked for the MTA for 30 years. I was also cautioned by this former MTA veteran: Don’t mess with the MTA. They’ll Stonewall the area.

I think they already have. We must put a plan for the entirety of “Astoria” outreach together. The 30th Avenue merchants are losing a little steam and are not very hopeful. There may be even worse news coming…

Most of the merchants on 30th Avenue have suffered. The MTA said they make the decision to close 30th Avenue because of the ‘IMPACT STUDIES’ they conducted showed the closings wouldn’t create anything detrimental to the community. Their ‘statistical analysis’ was compared the subway stops on 4th Avenue in Brooklyn. This is absurd.

First, 4th Avenue in Brooklyn is know as the “Avenue of Churches.” There is at least one -two churches per block, on each side of the street. It is quiet there. It is neither a main shopping area nor a restaurant hub.

Here are the Google Map links of two blocks on either side of subways that were closed.

4th Avenue and 9th Street (Park Slope, Brooklyn). Zoom in and see how few stores there are there. Two of the corners on 9th have churches on them.
4th AVENUE & 9th STREET,-4d-73.9900582

Here’s the other closure the MTA is citing on their “IMPACT STUDIES” on 4th Avenue in Brooklyn:
PROSECT AVENUE,-3d40.6705107!4d

Now let’s compare them to 30th Avenue BUT, before we do that… Why is there NOT an MTA marker on the google map for 30th Avenue anymore? The one for 36th Avenue is still there!!!,+AstoriaThe 30th Avenue subway stop is gone from Google Maps .pngWhere did 30th Avenue go?.png


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