Day 15: Positioning

When business owners get together for a common purpose, where there is a meeting of the minds, it is a very powerful thing. This scares the crap out of politicians. Mountains can be moved and new statues will be erected.

As a brand strategist, my aim is to always be 7-10 steps ahead of the opposition. In this case, I am on the side of the merchants and resident who use the 36th & 30th Avenue subway stations. The opposition is the MTA.


The merchants might not see it this way. They just want the MTA to run a shuttle bus. They would be happy with that. I think they should go after a class action to recoup their loss in business and seek damages.

This is an injustice at point blank range. This shutdown makes perfect sense if we look from a birdseye view of NYC. Let’s imagine we are seeing through the lenses of multimillion dollar developments in LIC to the tune of 20,000 units becoming available in 2018 and 20,000 units opening in the Hudson yards in 2018. Where are all of those people coming from?

My answer: Williamsburg and Astoria.



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