Day 13: Prep

As each day passes, business is being lost. The train being renovated or repaired looks like a training site rather than a real project.

Motivation on behalf of the merchants sways back and forth like a pendulum. Tomorrow is the meeting at Don Coqui. We are expecting a good turn out. Merchants need a shuttle bus now. It will certainly improve the damage that has been done.

They will be asked to VOTE
• on the press strategy.
• on assisting Tastee Corner.
• on taking a class action law suit or not.
• on INSTAGRAM posting.
• to discount or gift people wearing an Eye-Patch or not.
• on CALLING 311 in mass.

• interest-free loans
• shuttle bus
• open 1/2 the subway station opened
• tax abatements for lost business
• $$$ compensation for the merchants
• free parking
• free outdoor seating (reduced fees).


Met with Lou who worked for the MTA subway for 30 years. He said: “Every year for the 30 years I worked there we continually shut down the Vernon Ave. stop in Long Island City (LIC). Do you know how many times I was stopped and asked by the press what was going on?

No.” I said.

A lot. The only one that the MTA seems to listen to is the Governor. You need muscle on the state level. If you do the wrong thing, they’ll (MTA) will stonewall you. Watch yourself. HAHAHA.


HAHAHA. Yeah. You know what the problem is?”


The suits they hire at the MTA are from other states. They have no idea how this city runs. Those are the guys making the decisions and they have no idea what they are doing. HAHAHA.” His laugh was more of a choppy throat cackle than an actual laugh.

I told him my theory about LIC. He said: “That wouldn’t surprise me. I’ve been to those meetings. We call it the stonewall.”

This is going to be a long battle. We are only at the beginning. Maybe it helps that governor Cuomo was born and raised in Queens. Maybe not.

I’ll ask the 30th Avenue businesses to lay off our local counsel people. They don’t have the power we need to make changes… AT ALL.



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