Day 12: Strategy

New Media Article: businesses complain about slow death


In light of the new information on the subway closing, the Astoria Blind Eye strategy will change drastically. We will shift our gears to a local publicity and incentive strategy and let the lawyers and public officials take over the larger landscape from here.

This MTA campaign is about filling 20,000 new rental units becoming available in Long Island City in 2018. This isn’t the MTA’s stupidity, ignorance or “not caring” about the community they are collapsing. This is a campaign intentionally planned and executed for the multi-million dollar developers in Long Island City.

I’m only 87% sure of this. Why 87%? Because I’m more sure than 85% and not perfectly brazen enough to claim 90%. Just covering my ass leaving a little room for error.

This perspective does complete the picture more than somewhat. The puzzle pieces begin to make sense.

The developers are not going to get people from Manhattan to move to the LIC area. Brooklyn is too cool to move to Queens.

There’s no residential history in LIC, no infrastructure or ample shopping areas. There are a handful of restaurants you can count on two hands and a few delis. THAT’s about all from a cultural perspective.

It’s basically glass cells and boxes for prisoners. The can come and go as they please but they may never leave.

Astoria Blind Eye
Astoria Blind Eye Flyer
Astoria Blind Eye (agenda)
The agenda for the Don Coqui meeting.



Okay. The meeting is tomorrow. I need to set up the voting sheets. Maybe the merchants are looking to come to grandstand and complain and vent and have their voices heard. I’ve personally heard enough. I’ll go first, get my VOTES IN which will provide the next part of the strategy with marching orders.

It’s the second time a meeting like this has happened here with the merchants of 30th Avenue. United, they will stand.