Day 11: a week begins

It is Monday. Frank called at 7:30am to meet one of the local landlords. I took the call. I get up at 5am anyway.

We met at Gyro World (great fries!) at noon. His landlord was treating. I got a coffee and had a few fries. We spoke about the local politicians and the Community Board. His property taxes have been raised 30% last year.

He is also geographically forced into the local BID (Business Improvement District) on Steinway paying an additional 4% property tax over the 30% increase. He’s not happy. He thinks all the politicians have to be replaced, and new members assigned to the Community Board. If I were him, I’d be upset too.

Everyone has an agenda. People either act out of their own fear or self-interest. These two agendas (fear and self-interest) motivate people to act. This isn’t a judgement on my part as much as it is an observation. I think: “To each their own” or “Live and let live” pretty much sums up my own view when I am centered in myself.

People are far more interesting than staring at a tree, watching it grow. But, then again, I haven’t spent a considerable portion of my day watching a tree grow but maybe I should start.


Day 11: I went one way and Frank and his friend went the other. They were planning to take the N, W train 🚊 and see what work was being done. They did. They may have video’d it too.

They had a few conversations. One with one an MTA train worker and one with one of the engineering consultants working on the project. Frank will reveal what he has learned at the first Astoria Blind Eye & 30th Avenue business meeting. It’s not good.

Frank and I met up later in the afternoon. We marched into Costa Constantinides office and met with his Chief of Staff. We spoke for about 2 hours. He listened and gave us the lay of the land. Again, the city had no jurisdiction.

MEETING: Thursday @ Don Coqui @ 2pm. NO politicians, NO media and NO MTA officials are invited. This was done intentionally. If they do arrive, they will be asked to leave. This meeting is for the 30th Avenue merchants only. They will vote on the best way to proceed, democratically.


This subway closing is a conspiracy. I am 87% sure of this now. This isn’t a city level conspiracy, it’s a NY state scheme. The city has NO SAY over what the MTA does or doesn’t do. Not even the mayor’s office can have a say.

There was a premeditated agenda set up subversively and we are only seeing the execution of this. I would suggest a class action suit if I owned a business there.





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