Day 9: Queens Merchants

All the letters have been handed out. The few that I missed last night because it was too late, I got to today.

I went to Don Coqui to see if we can hold a private event there for all the merchants on 30th Ave. it has less columns than Katch and both are beautiful spaces. I personally favor Don Coqui a little more for our purposes and discussion for the evening. The last event at Katch is likely to encourage the same angry and frustrated discussion. I expect this meeting to be more hopeful, by far.

Today I bought an eye patch for the Astoria Blind Eye campaign. We had some fun forming a collective belief and purpose. The Image:

Frank (Redken Saloon Salon)
Pres. 30th Avenue Business Association
Frank pays it forward...
Frank pays it forward…

Once we set up a meeting place, more notices will have to be printed and hand delivered. Apparently, only half of the Queens Merchants have E-mail addresses. Yep, this is a 2018 reality check for me. Print is NOT DEAD.

Sonny @ Kurry Qulture
Sonny is as badass as you get in Queens
Kurry Qulture
Sonny pays it forward…


All the merchants do have telephone numbers. Personally, I do hate making cellphone calls and frying my brains with 5G microwaves and text is completely out of the question for local communication.

Bob from Grand Wine & Liquors
Merchant effected by the 30th Avenue – Grand Ave closing.
Grand Liquors
Bob pays it forward…


At the Thursday meeting we will have to set up an agenda and I plan to have the merchants vote on:

~ potential publicity executions and paths.

~ a list of demands.

I will also present the risks involved and potential consequences. Then, I will personally request that they take to heart and stop by Kosta’s Tastee Corner to support he and his daughters business by just buying a muffin and coffee or something to eat twice a week since he is hurting the most.





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