Day 10: Media…

It’s amazing what the mainstream media can do. The mere mention in their pages and televised programs can catapult a business into the stratosphere! It can also destroy just AN IDEA, a community or celebrity just as easily.

[ The last US presidential election, a native Queens resident, won. This will teach us many historical campaigning lessons 10-200 years from now. It will teach us about branding.

One of the 30 important lessons to learn, two of them might be:

1. Get in the media no matter what. Once you get in, try to stay in and remain fresh and relevant for their viewers

2. “ALL PRESS is good press. The only bad press is NO PRESS.” ]

a river runs through it

My task here is to try to manage the media exposure, maximize it so the merchants who I am assisting will NOT only benefit but gain great prosperity in the future. For me as their Publicity & Brand Strategist, the happenstance is to paint the perfect picture and tell the perfect story. For any publicist or PR agent, this is near picture perfect example of the early stages of a media campaign.

Articles written so far:

We Heart Astoria – January 30, 2018

Queens Gazette – February 6, 2018

Astoria Post – February 6, 2018

AM NY – February 8, 2018

NY 1 – February 8, 2018

[ ] Queens Courier – Feb. 9, 2018

VICE – February 10, 2018 community


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