Day 8: Take Action

It is the 8th Day. This week has been productive. We finally got a letter produced and some business cards to hand out to the business owners. Frank from the 30th Avenue business association is the axis which the spokes and wheel revolve around. He’s a good man.


Astoria Blind Eye (Letter 1)

We will have a private meeting of 30th Avenue business owners first. This will be scheduled for next week. This will be a strategy meeting and a closer look at the variables to consider with each action there is a reaction scenario. It’s about action steps. Enough talk, more action.

The MTA may see that this is a community which can push back, when prompted. Right now, the MTA are steamrolling all over people’s lives. Justice has one eye opened.

I think Costas Constantinides understands and gets this. We can’t stand by and let it happen to us like cattle crossing the train tracks.

Astoria Blind Eye (business card)




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