Day 7: Costas Rally

Today is the rally at the Ditmars station at 4:30-5:30 pm. There will apparently be people there that can help. Members of the MTA will be there as well.

We need immediate relief for the businesses on 30th and 36th Avenue. Let’s see what happens.

02/08/018 rally at Ditmars.

02/08/2018 rally


Here is the letter to the business owners:


Astoria 🧐

“As you probably already know, Opa! Opa! has closed its doors after 49 years. That really sucks. As you definitely know, the 30th Avenue N, W subway stop has closed and will continue to be closed until June 2018. That sucks even more.

As you are actually experiencing and feeling the impact, you have a right to worry. Another handful of local businesses who weren’t properly informed by the Community Board or the MTA will also be shutting their doors soon. This could happen as early as the next few weeks and months ahead.

As a community, it benefits no one to turn a blind eye to this closing which was cast upon you.

“The decrease is foot traffic has impacted my business by 40%.” THERE IS NO DOUBT about that. But, let’s take a close look at facts and statistics.

If we analyze this properly, foot traffic is often considered to be “local residents” but they haven’t moved away. They still live where they live. If they went to your place on the way to the train, they will come again. But because of this subway closing, they have to walking a few extra blocks to get home. That’s one or two critical blocks away.

My team and I set out to analyze this further and believe it is Astoria VISITORS and Queens tourism traffic that is impacting the local businesses. We can look more closely at some facts:

• NYC had 61 million tourists in 2017.
• This number is increased to 63 million in 2018,

• Of that 63 million people coming to NYC, Brooklyn gets 15 million tourists. The website has the statistics.

Educated Guess
• Queens can expect at least half the amount of tourists than Brooklyn.
• Guessing 7 million visitors come to Queens.
• Astoria can expect half of that: that’s 3.5 million visitors.

Here are more logical facts regarding foot traffic and this is highly likely why Opa Opa has closed their doors. Statistics and facts give us insight into the past.

The numbers above are estimated simply to illustrate a point. The point is that that critical foot traffic is very likely VISITORS from other parts of Queens, other boroughs but a small portion of visitors are very likely national and international.

If we can expect the 3.5 tourists to spend $20 per person in Astoria, that’s a $70 million dollars in lost revenue for the entire Astoria area (36th Ave. – Ditmars Blvd). We can speculate a little more truthfully and that the businesses on 30th Avenue only get a smaller portion of all that traffic to Astoria but even at only 1 million tourists spending $20 each means ALL THE BUSINESSES off the 30th Avenue subway stop will lose $20,000,000. in revenue for 2018!

The average business on 30th Avenue is down by 40%.

Visitor foot traffic is something the MTA can understand. They SAID THEY ARE NOT GOING TO CHANGE THEIR PLAN and will continue working on THEIR PLAN which is convenient to their schedule. If you attended the meeting at Katch February 2nd, then you saw and heard the response for yourself.

Local Foot traffic and people visiting the locals, as you now know, has a tremendous impact on an area. We need to rally and fix this ASAP. The MTA need to change their plan.

We are here to help. We will launch a publicity campaign involving a grassroots movement and be in touch with the Mainstream Media—smallest to largest.

Astoria Blind Eye👁
Breuk Iversen









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