Day 6: Foot Traffic

I met with even more business owners are the situation is pretty bad. On an average out of 30 businesses there, some are down 20% to as much as 80%.

I’ve met with a printer Prime Design and Printing on 30th Avenue. He has offered to do the copies AT COST and not AT PROFIT in solidarity with businesses less fortunate. Robert (owner) from Grand Wine & Liquors has offered: “… Anything I can do to help.” His business is down 12,000 receipts since this construction began (October, 23, 2017). I still believe we will be able to get business owners to bond together and support each other. There is always more power in numbers.

I’ve written a letter to the business owners on 30th Avenue and will make photo copies and hand them out. Letters will have to be written to

• 30th Avenue (meeting).

• 36th Avenue

• Business owners on Broadway

• Business owners on Ditmars

I will also do Astoria Blind Eye business cards. Here is the logo:

Astoria Blind Eye
Organizing events and looking for solutions for 30th and 36th Avenue. We can’t “Turn a Blind Eye.”