Day 5: Meet and Greet

I spend the most part of the AM (7a-1p) writing up a presentation for 30th Ave. business owners. It contains a solid step-by-step brief and description of the cause and effects of the Astoria Blind Eye campaign. It appears as though we’ll need many more people to pull this off effectively and efficiently.

Tomorrow we’ll put something up on Craig’s List under gigs and see who and how far we get. The candidates must be tested, vetted and interviewed regarding their post positions.

A business associate and innovation specialist, Charlie Garland (of NASA), is not even aware of what I’ve been doing recently for Astoria businesses. He sent me an article just before the Super Bowl: doesnt explain the success of the eagles and the patriots. This article is going to come in very useful for staffing the Astoria Blind Eye campaign. I’ll look for specific “super” talents that compliment other team members rather than find people to fill a role as it exists in my head.

This evening I e-mailed the presentation to eight of the 30th Ave business owners we’ve met so far. They’ll see the blog for the time when they get around to checking out the links.

It’s Day 5 and I feel like we haven’t gotten terribly far in terms of results. There is a lot more to do. It seems like I meet only 3-4 business people and 5 hours has blasted by. So far, we all have a similar dream and the pieces are falling into place quite beautifully. I am neither hopeful nor fearful about pulling this campaign off. It is going to happen.

Trident (Intelligent Communication)

Tomorrow is another day. I will start earlier.


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