Day 4: Business is down

I met with a new bet of business owners while waiting for Frank to come in tomorrow. I’m going to ask him for the list.


Here’s who I met:

namaste (30th Ave)
Singh says “Business is down 80%.”

Singh is frustrated and hopes he can keep the business opened. He is not too hopeful that anything can be done. I’ve tried to assure him that my team and I are here to inflect our efforts towards some sort alleviation. I’ll go back tomorrow or the next day.



Vasilios says: “Business is down 60%.”

Nikos video taped this man speaking at the meeting. He used a number of vulgarities at the meeting addressing the MTA and just as elegantly and quickly apologized for his use of language.

You can hear the pain in his voice at how his business has been permantely effected since October 23, 2017 (the day the MTA closed the 36th and 30th Avenue trains for 8 months).



Grand Wine & Liquor
Robert said: “Each month we have -12,000 less customer transactions.”

I got to speak to the staff briefly before Robert (owner) was able to greet me. They are located directly outside of the 30th Avenue subway stairs on the SE corner. They see only about 5 workers wandering around outside while one of them is working. They’ve never seen a crew of 20-30 men working at any given time.

If the MTA hired more staff, the project would be done faster. Robert said the same thing as the employees. I told him some of the things that might be done.

  • We need more people.
  • Nikos and I can’t do this alone.
  • We need people who care.
  • We may need to ask for some $.

How can you ask a business owner who are losing money daily, for money. This world isn’t just. Where is the justice?

Tomorrow I’d like to get the letter I’ve written into Frank’s hands. We need to write letters to the other business owners on 30th Avenue first. We need supplies, people and printed material.

Then we can organize and move faster and far more effective. The clock is running. Each business here is losing more and more every single day.


Tastes Corner
Tastee Corner may be the very next to close.

Robert from Grand W&L told me to speak with the owners of Tastee Corner. I met with Vado, the daughter of the owner. This family is so stressed that all she knows is that the business won’t hold on much longer. They need relief quickly. They need relief yesterday. Business is down 80% too like Namaste.



Vaso told me to speak to Petey but he wasn’t there. I’ll go back tomorrow early in the morning.


The owner or manager wasn’t in.

Ovelia will have to be tomorrow.


Kurry Qulture
Sonny says: “Business is down 50%.”


Burger Club is also 50% down. They asked that I do not take a photo and I naturally respect their wish. I met with a wonderful woman named Elaynee (I’m not spelling her name correctly).

I don’t think the MTA truly understands the gravity of the situation and the people’s lives they are effecting. 30th Avenue looks pretty normal on the outside from 12-3pm in the afternoon. Inside the businesses are dying a slow death.

The morning rush hour is gone. The evening rush hour is gone.

I’ll go back to meet more business owners tomorrow. I’ll be post a Craig’s List listing this week to see WHO in the neighborhood wants to help launch this grassroots campaign. I can reach out to some friends who work for great PR and strategic companies but we may need to raise money.













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