Day 3: Astoria Blind Eye

noisette on Sunday

We met again. This time it was for 4 hours. We discussed several courses of action and the people and companies we will need to create a clear course of action.

We are joining forces to shape a change for the business owners on 30th Avenue. This is not a part–time effort. I’ve spend two hours drafting a letter to the 30th Ave. businesses. I’ll bring it to Frank when he comes in on Tuesday.

This effort must be staffed to be executed to its full effect. My motto for this project is “Go big or go home.”

There will be costs involved for making calls, printing copies, supplies and materials and getting the right team of specialists together. There are going to be some covert strategies that may need executing. These specialists are far and few between. they are hired pirates and mercenaries. We’ll need a few of those.

We believe that collectively a small amount from each of the businesses would cover everything. You have to give to get. This is meant to give us the equipment and tools we need for the execution. The businesses on 30th Avenue have suffered enough.

It is Super Bowl Sunday. We meet again tomorrow. I’m a Giants fan and despise the Eagles but a solid defense wins games. I’m for the underdog on this one–just like I side the businesses on 30th Avenue.


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