A Journey Begins:


Nikos and I  (both from Williamsburg) met at Noisette Patisserie on 30th Avenue to discuss our current business status, ongoing projects and the possibility of working together again. The meeting was just supposed to be a catch up–nothing more.

He usually listens as he was the one who invited me here to Astoria 5 years ago. We discussed my concerns for the area. Just the other day I went specifically to get a gyro from OPA! OPA! when I saw they were closed after 49 years.

I wanted to know why and found an article about it on We ❤️ Astoria. This ripped my heart out. I told Niko and together we attended the meeting.

Shortly thereafter, we wandered into the “30th Avenue MEETS the MTA” and we were awestruck at how dismissive the director and his PR team was from the MTA. They are truly effecting people’s lives.

The MTA cited 4th Avenue in Brooklyn as source of comparison. However, this is a terrible comparison. There are hardly any commercial businesses on the 4th Avenue subway line. Businesses as it still is and has always been known as “ The Avenue of Churches” to us Brooklyn natives from Sunset Park. It is nothing like 30th Avenue here in Astoria.

At the meeting, two local business owners were brought to tears and completely defeated. I can’t tell you the anger that rose in me at seeing grown men cry, especially Greek men. They are characteristically known internationally “as men among men.”  They normally never cry.

Wow, I thought, someone has to do something about this. We need a whole team





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